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I love all the sides that life has to offer and enjoy it to the fullest. If you are looking for a pleasant and uncomplicated companion, I am looking forward to getting to know you. In me you will find the stylish lady who accompanies you to an event or the attractive playmate for special moments. Let us enjoy our time together completely and indulge in each moment fully.

It makes me incredibly happy to meet you and your needs, because you should give in to temptations .I’m looking forward to crackling, special moments, so do not hesitate and meet me.
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£ 140
1 Hour
Extra Hour - £ 130
30 min extra - £ 80
£ 350
Dinner Date (3h)
£ 580
5 Hours
£ 900
Overnight (10h)
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How would you describe yourself in 2 sentences?
Two sentences would not be enough, but my smile and the ease with which I enjoy each side of life and the difficult situations I encounter are quite striking. Strength and courage, profoundness and humor, eloquence and femininity are qualities that accompany me every day.
What makes the perfect escort date for you?
It depends on my gentleman, because he makes our date the perfect date – but I love it when he surprised me and takes me on our adventure together.
What do your friends like about you?
My friends appreciate my honesty, the fact that I do not condemn them for anything and unconditionally support them – and that sometimes I can be a little crazy.
What is eroticism for you?
Eroticism is very important in my life, I love the intimacy between man and woman, it is so diverse and never boring – it is just the nicest thing in the world. It starts at the first glance. Light touch with a glass of wine, a laugh and long intense glances, knowing what will happen later. I like to be a woman and show this. Nice lingerie, a sexy dress. Take off slowly in front of my chosen one while keeping eye contact. Or being pushed wildly against the wall or being taken by storm in a lift. But also the moment afterwards – if you lie there arm in arm and caress each other. Erotic is the moment you have and that was both of them. Who does not like to feel foreign skin on their own?
How can a gentleman please you?
If he values me as the woman I am, making me laugh and smile. And which woman is not happy about small attentions?
In which outfit do you feel most comfortable as a lady?
I love longer tight-fitting dresses that accentuate my curves and cling to my body. The knowledge of wearing hot, expensive and sexy lingerie only enhances my charisma as a woman.